Where does the time go?

by Nicole Smith on January 17, 2012

As a meditation practitioner/teacher, the word mindfulness comes up often in my days. However, even sometimes the most seasoned yogi steps back and says, “Holy crap! Where has this month gone?!” When this happens, it’s a good time to put that mindfulness practice into, well…practice!

So what does this all mean? According to Eckart Tolle, famous author of the Power of Now, this means living in the moment. When life seems to fly past us, it means that we were not paying attention but living on autopilot.

I realize that this past month, since my dog has been up in NH staying with my parents, I have been missing out of one of the most valuable times of my day- his afternoon walk. For years, when I walk him in the afternoon, I take him down to the river on the west side of Manhattan and just enjoy my surroundings. I don’t talk on the phone, or listen to music on my Ipod, I just walk with open eyes and ears. It is my own type of afternoon walking meditation! It’s funny I didn’t realize how incredibly valuable this walk was not only for him but as well as me. Sometimes, just a small shift of mindfulness practice in your day can make profound changes in your awareness and connection to the universe.

Each person is different but everyone has something, no matter how small it is, that they love to do and should do daily without any distractions. Even if it’s just stopping for one second when you get outside to take a deep breath of fresh air in, it completely changes your day.

 What does it for you? Think about it and try to make some changes. As for me, I’m heading out for my river walk… 😀

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