Motto of the month: I HAVE A CHOICE AND I AM NOT LAZY!!!

When the weather is this amazing it’s a crime to NOT work out outside!!! Before you even think about sitting on the couch after work, switch into some workout clothes and head outdoors for an hour. Afterwards, you will be so happy that you did, you won’t even know why you were adverse to it in the first place. Here is a simple yet effective work-out that includes cardio & strength that will leave you energized, sexy, and balanced!

EXERCISE 1: WALK BRISKLY OR JOG FOR 10 MINUTES (This is your warmup so take it a little easy to make sure you warm up your muscles in a safe manner and still have enough energy to do the workout ahead. Trainer Tip: Make a playlist ahead of time of your favorite upbeat music so that you are inspired and revved up!)

EXERCISE 2: FIND A BENCH/LEDGE Set: 15 each side (Keeping your back leg straight, push up your body to standing on the bench/ledge. Slowly and with control lower your self back to the ground. Trainer Tip: Keep the weight of the foot on the bench centered over your heel. This will prevent you from putting pressure into the knee and keep the muscles of the leg working hard!)






EXERCISE 3: SIDE SHUFFLE Set: 30 second shuffle each side (With your feet in parallel and your knees slightly bent, side shuffle in one direction for 30 seconds then switch sides. Tip: The faster you go, the more your heart rate will speed up and calories will be burned!)







EXERCISE 4: PUSHUPS ON THE BENCH/LEDGE Set of 10-20  (Keeping your back straight, abs pulled in, butt down, arms wide, and feet apart lower your body to the bench and push back up. Trainer Tip: If these are a breeze for you there is always the option of doing it with no bench or to make it even harder, putting your feet up on the bench and hands on the ground!)







EXERCISE 5: FORWARD LUNGE WITH KICK Set: 15 each leg (Step to a narrow forward lunge with your hips angled back and both knees bent. Push off of the front leg and straighten that leg into a kick while balanced on the back leg. Let your weight transfer forward and fall back into the lunge, repeating 15 times each side. Trainer Tip: Make sure that the weight is over the front heel of the foot to keep the pressure out of the knee!)






EXERCISE 6: JOG/RUN for 10-20 MIN (This is where you step it up a notch. If you walked before, jog. If you jogged in your warm-up, this is when you do your fast run. Trainer Tip: Put songs in your playlist that are upbeat and powerful to keep you on track with time and keep you motivated.)

EXERCISE 7: BICYCLE TWIST Set: 15 each side (Laying on your back on some grass, lift one leg straight into the air and bend the other knee. Twist your opposite elbow to the bent knee. Continue to switch sides until you have done 15 on each side. Trainer Tip: Make sure you keep your lower back pressing towards the ground and flex your toes/feet back towards your shins. This will protect your lower back and keep your abdominals/obliques doing the work!)






EXERCISE 8: BRIDGES ON YOUR BACK Set: 15-30 (Laying on your back in the grass, knees bent and arms by your sides, raise your butt into the air. Lower down to skim your butt on the earth then lift back up. Trainer Tip: Keep your abdominals tight and your tailbone slightly under to make your torso straight and strong throughout this exercise. Also, make sure that your knees go in the same line as your toes!)







Enjoy your healthy and sexy summer body everyone!!!

Namaste, Nicole