I  believe in starting slowly into a fitness program and progressing up so that your mind adjusts to the change in routine positively and your body gets stronger without injury. We have all experienced the excitement of New Year’s Resolutions where we jump into a sport/exercise program only to find ourselves injured or burnt out by the first month. The approach I take with clients is one for the long haul.

Although I think big exercises with the goals of weight loss are great, people cannot ignore their personal body weaknesses or old injuries without them creeping into the picture very quickly. This is why I incorporate rehabilitation and functional movement strength training exercises into all of my session.

I also don’t think it’s wimpy or a waste of time to stretch and massage. A body that feels good moves more often, and a body that moves more often will look better, and a body that looks better will make the person happy.

And last but not least, I think that meditation and breathing exercises are just as important in a person’s fitness program as body exercise because without them, a person will not achieve the level of health and energy that they will experience by incorporating them into their daily lives.

I believe in fusing all the training, experiences, and teachings I have learned over the years to make YOUR LIFE better!    Trilogy: BODY/MIND/SPIRIT…it’s what Restorative Body is all about!  I look forward to working with you and helping you catch the RestorativeBody fitness bug!