Private Yoga

GROUNDED, FLEXIBLE, and BALANCED. If you have been wanting to start a yoga practice but don’t think you have the time to get to a class, bring the class to you. If you are already an avid yogi, progress your practice even further with a private session.

Restorative Body Yoga is a mix of vinyasa and traditional hatha yoga practices that include pranayama and meditation in each session. Before beginning a private yoga practice, a consultation will be held so that the classes are tailored to meet the client’s needs, desires, and goals.

Private Yoga is great because the session is tailored completely for your body and skill level. Beginner’s to advanced practitioners  benefit from learning the asanas (poses) correctly while progressing at a pace that is comfortable for them. Previous injuries and tightness are focused on and addressed.

Private Yoga Sessions can also be scheduled for groups or families who want to practice together at the time/day that is most convenient for them.

Private Yoga is held in the convenience of your home.