Personal Training

FIT, LEAN, and SEXY. Watch your body transform before your very eyes with Restorative Body personal training sessions.


Each session is designed for YOUR body to reach YOUR goals. What that means is, all of your past and recent injuries are addressed, you will be strength trained so that you not only look great, but the training will be functional to your life and what activities you do. When you work with Nicole, you will reach your goals faster than on your own, look and feel better than you ever have before, and surpass what you even thought was possible in terms of coordination, skill, health, and body awareness no matter what your age, your previous fitness experience, or physical limitations.

Women: In your sessions there is a focus on getting a long, lean physique with a program that includes functional strength training ballet technique, pilates, yoga, sport specific training.

Men: In your sessions there is a focus on getting a fit, athletic physique with a program that includes functional strength training, plyometrics, sport specific training, and power training.

You Get the Best Results on a 2-3 Times a Week Program: Clients with a set time slot each week benefit from a fitness program that addresses the individual’s goals in a safe, progressive, and highly effective manner. ALL ELEMENTS OF TRAINING THE MIND/BODY ARE INCORPORATED INTO YOUR PROGRAM. On some days sessions are more about heavy strength training, others more about cardio/strength intervals,  yoga, injury rehabilitation, meditation, or Thai Yoga Massage. When working with me 2-3 times a week, you will notice a HUGE change in how your body looks and feels, as well as a positive change in your energy and mood.

Personal Fitness Training can be held in the in your home, private building gym, or at Nicole’s private building gym in Columbus Circle located at: 1 Columbus Pl., NY, NY 10019 (W. 59th St & 9th Ave.)