Holiday Party Rules to Eat By

by Nicole Smith on December 7, 2012

Stay Skinny Trough the Holidays ….

In New York City, it’s that time of year when your schedule is packed with night after night of holiday parties. Standing around, gorging on passed around hors d’oeuvres while drinking all the free wine/champagne you can get your hands on. What’s wrong with that you say? Well nothing except you are going to gain 5-10 pounds with that routine! And, we both know that after all the work you have done this fall to get back in shape that another glass of vino that will just make you hung-over in the morning isn’t worth it. This of course all makes sense when talking about it here, but somehow, magically, when at the party, all willpower is lost out the window. That is why I am here to give you three simple rules that will not take the fun out of your party but will also not pack the pounds on your thighs. FYI: I don’t even need to mention not gorging on the cookie table because you have more common sense then that!

Holiday Party Rule #1: Always eat a bowl of cereal or oatmeal before heading to the party. Since these parties usually start around 5:30pm (before dinner but very close to it) you are hungry. What happens when you get to the party, you eat 10 of those mini hamburgers that have 10 grams of fat each. By eating a bowl of cereal/oatmeal, you already fill up your belly with a quick carb/protein meal and you will then not be famished when you get there.

Holiday Party Rule #2: Only eat vegetarian/fish hors d’oeuvres. This is not a vegetarian agenda being pushed on you! The reason is that most of the meat based hors d’oeuvres use low quality, fatty meat and oils. These small little bites add up in calories so quickly you might as well eat a Big Mac! If you stick to the vegetarian/fish options, it will give you an excuse to pass on 75% of the choices and munch happily on the healthier options. Remember that you will be eating dinner after this party and that these are only extra calories.

Holiday Party Rule #3:  After every glass of wine, switch to still or sparkling water in a wine glass. Most of the weight people gain during the holidays is from the extra alcohol consumed. Drinking too much not only means thunder thighs, it also make you lethargic the next day, and can lead to seriously bad choices at the party (you know what I’m talking about!) Most people know that they should drink a glass of water between each drink but don’t because it’s no fun being the person with the glass with the big straw in it. However, by having your water of choice poured into a wine glass, it not only takes eyes off of what you are drinking, it sends a signal to your own brain that you haven’t left the party. Something about just holding the glass helps the person get into the spirit. So go ahead and trick yourself, who knows, you might find that you prefer to drink less and still have as much fun!

Have fun and Happy Holidays!


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