Happy New Year!

by Nicole Smith on January 4, 2012

No SugarI love New Year’s…it gives us a chance for a fresh start, new possibilities, and of course, new year’s resolutions!!!

So as the trainer/yoga teacher “extrodinaire” than I am, I decided to look into what I thought would be the best resolution for myself. I already exercise a lot, I meditate, and I am vegetarian…however, I have a WIKED sweet-tooth. Sugar, although it tends to make life a lot sweeter really doesn’t have any nutritional benefit. So, I figured that it would be a good idea to eliminate all sugar/sweeteners excluding fruits for the month of January. I figured that it’s only a month right? If I want to go on from there I can but for now, I can only commit to a month.

Well it is DAY 4 of 31 days…I never realized it until now- I am a sugar addict!!! I had a headache for a few days but that has now subsided. I have even been around people eating desserts/offering me desserts/buying me desserts and I have refused them so I am off to a good start! The biggest pain so far is checking the ingredients of everything and realizing how much stuff has sugar in it. Oh well, I guess I will be doing a lot of cooking and eating only whole foods which is so much better for me anyhow!

I’ll keep you posted on what happens and if my body changes at all from this sugar-free experiment….

Peace, love, and happiness,


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