Fit for Fall

by Nicole Smith on September 6, 2012

I love fall, it’s my favorite time of the year.

The crisp weather, the foods, the clothes, but most of all, fall is a time when
we really get back to schedules! If you want to be fit, scheduling your weekly fitness program is the way to go.


I’m talking about the “on Mondays I go to tennis, Tuesday and Thursday I see my trainer, and Fridays I go to yoga…” type of scheduling. I want you to sit down with your calendar in front of you and find at least four times during the week that you are going to do at one day of cardio, two days of full body strength training, and at least one day of yoga or stretching. The other days that you don’t have scheduled you can still work out or go for a bike ride, but they are your extra credit.

Our minds find comfort in routine and you will start to not only see the benefit in your body, but you will actually see an incredible change in your energy and well being. However, without planning and scheduling your week, your fitness program will fall away as quickly as the leaves on the trees.

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