Digging Deeper- INTENTIONS

by Nicole Smith on February 5, 2012

Keeping to a healthy lifestyle is on the list of the many things in life that we know we SHOULD do. However, when ever a goal is
prefaced with a SHOULD it is commonly something we struggle to do. I find that this is because we don’t really know WHY we want to do something. More often than not, any goal that you have has a deeper and more important underlying reason. We will call this deep reason: INTENTION.

By understanding the deeper intention, you will be able to see why you CHOOSE do something, and then the inspiration you need to stick to it will come naturally. However, to understand our deep intentions, you sometimes need to dig deep by asking questions. Ask yourself questions the way a 3 year old asks “WHY?” to a parent. For example:

I want to lose 10lbs.
Because I will look better.
Well maybe I will feel better about myself.
I used to weigh less and I was much happier then.
I guess because I didn’t have any guilt when I got dressed in the morning.
Because my self-esteem was higher and I felt pretty at that weight.

Etc, etc, etc!

By truly understanding the deeper intention helps clarify the benefits of doing the required work it takes to getting your goals. This process works in all areas of life, such as why you are with the partner you are with, where you live, what you do for work, what you eat, and so forth. The more clarity you have in your life, the happier you will be. Empowerment comes when you are clear of WHY you make the choices you make.


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