“I have trained with Nicole since 2004, and have found her to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Her therapy after my total hip replacement in 2008 enabled me to resume tennis and other normal physical activities ahead of schedule.”Henry R. Silverman, Former Chairman & CEO, Cendant Corporation
“I have worked with Nicole for nearly two years now, and have seen a remarkable change in both my fitness level and my shape. She combines a thorough knowledge of anatomy with solid grounded exercise technique, and readily incorporates the latest innovations and equipment to keep workouts at peak level. . Her unique approach has made a huge difference for me, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”Hannah Bowton, Musician

“The best testimonial of Nicole’s skills is that the hour flies by and seems to me to be 10 minutes, and of course I have seen meaningful progress in my fitness, which was fairly good to begin with.  She is highly professional, motivational and has a great sense of humor.  Probably the best trainer I have ever worked with.”Daniel G. Bergstein, Senior Counsel, Paul Hastings
“Nicole is the best. Not only does she know every training trick in the book, she’s also an excellent stretcher and Thai Yoga Therapist. She knows that I like when the sessions fly by and she’s great at keeping me entertained. Most of all, she really cares. I strongly recommend her. She will change your life!”Francis Greenburger, Chairman and CEO, Time Equities, Inc.
“Nicole is amazing. I have been training with her for 4 years and find her skills, energy and focus to be unique. She tailors the session to my needs and controls the session at all times. I have made great progress with her over these four years and recommend her whole heartedly.”Ofer Azrielant, CEO, Jewelry.com
“I came to Nicole to get back in shape after having surgery on my Achilles. I was very nervous about being in the gym while still recovering.  Not only did she immediately allay my concerns, but her understanding of the injury and how to give a great work out while working around it was just so amazing.As my recovery progressed so did the exercises she had me doing.  Always coming up with innovative ways to keep me moving forward and excited.  Using weights, floor work, yoga and stretching I look better and feel stronger. Nicole is a fantastic and intuitive trainer and person.  Work with her, she can change not only your body, but the way you think about exercise and your life.” Simon Green, Literary Agent
“What I like best about Nicole (aside from her wicked sense of humor), and why I recommend her and her work, is that she is both passionate and compassionate. She brings both knowledge and love to the table – or in this case – to the yoga mat. She motivates without intimidating – a winning combination.”Alan Kaplan, Co-founder and Co-owner, Bra*Tenders in New York City“I attended Nicole’s Meditation 101 and Sound Meditation workshops, and found Nicole’s teaching style refreshing, and her infectious enthusiasm made the classes fun! She breaks it down to core concepts, and offers ways to integrate the practice into your life. Both classes were insightful, and beautifully taught. “ Emma McGregor-Mento, L.M.T
“I’ve wanted to begin yoga for some time now, but didn’t want to take my first class as a complete neophyte. Private sessions seemed to be the answer, and Nicole’s were exactly what I was looking for. She is thorough, patient, knowledgeable, and best of all has a terrific sense of humor.  The classes are a joy and I leave feeling exhilarated and relaxed.”Michael Adams, Editor, Nielsen Inc.
“Thanks to the Meditation 101 class, now I practice 5 to 10 minute meditations a few times a week. Nicole is absolutely right, if I don’t do it, I feel off and anxious when too many things pile up on my agenda. Meditation helps me clear my head and focus. “Elena Volkova
“Having suffered with lower back pinched-nerve pain and discomfort from a hip replacement operation and a long period of relative inactivity, Nicole offered me a private restorative home training session.  In a supportive and nonjudgmental way, she showed me proper form for exercises and stretches to alleviate my pain.  She was careful to observe my physical limitations and was very patient and encouraging.  The exercises and stretches have proved very helpful and since incorporating them into my daily routine I have felt much better. “Larry Woods, Business Manager, PPT
“Nicole has been my trainer for 8 years. With her I lost the baby fat I still had after the birth of my second child. She also helped me extend the benefits of physical therapy after knee surgery and wrist surgery. She keeps coming up with new exercises and makes it fun. I ski, walk and play tennis in a way I couldn’t have without her science. I’ve never felt stronger or looked better!”Isabelle Autones, AIA