Nicole’s 10 SKINNY RULES to LIVE by

by Nicole Smith on February 24, 2012

Now days trainers like to make sure that clients know that they shouldn’t be concerned about the scale, because it’s not about weight loss, it’s about body fat loss. When you work out, you gain muscle which weighs more than fat, so we don’t like to tell people to watch the scale because it’s irrelevant. EXCEPT, that people LIKE watching the scale and feel a sense of accomplishment when they see the numbers go down. To them it’s a clear, measurable gage that doesn’t lie. So what if they are working out, and still they don’t feel like they are getting thinner?

Well it doesn’t take rocket science to know that if you are already working out and feeling good, and still feel that you are overweight that you need to check your diet. The big word here is LIFESTYLE changes, verses DIET. Diets have timelines. You go on a diet for a week, or a month. Then it ends and you gain the weight back. This yo-yo cycle is not only bad for your self-esteem but it’s bad for your overall health too. So I recommend getting on a healthy lifestyle food-plan, adding in some great appetite-suppressing tricks, and get your butt moving.

Here’s my 10 SKINNY RULES to live by:

1. Your food should be colorful and you should eat many different colors throughout the week.

2. Add protein to each meal. It doesn’t have to be a ton of protein but a little protein at each meal will help you feel full and eat less.

3. Snack on raw vegetables & fruit & a 1/2 cup non-fat greek yogurt each day.

4. Drink green tea throughout your day.

5. Take a spin class or something that is high endurance cardio at least once a week during your lunch break and eat a light lunch afterwards and drink lots and lots of water.

6. Strength train at least twice a week.

7. Your lunch should be your biggest meal but it shouldn’t be so heavy that it makes you feel tired in the afternoon.

8. Eat a salad or soup before your main course at dinner.

9. Do not drink alcohol more than three nights a week, and even then no more than 2 glasses.

10. Dessert (cake, cookies, pie, croissant, etc.) is a luxury, not a necessity. Cutting it out of your daily routine will be hard at first if you are used to always having it but that craving WILL go away. Eat a banana or a few dates instead if you are really having a strong sugar craving. Save desserts for special occasions, and even then, don’t gorge yourself!

If you REALLY do follow these rules your body WILL transform before your eyes!!! I hope you enjoy the new sexy you!!!


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